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World box mod apk



Maxim Karpenko


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Worldbox mod APK is the latest and extraordinary featured version of the well-known game Worldbox. This game is well-reputed due to its uniqueness of world creation. This game is introducing the creations and civilizations in different manners. In this game, people can make their own world and own all that is happening in the world as they want. The people can control some factors like weather, land, creations, mountain, lakes, and forests. People have a tendency to create or destroy their created civilization. The players can change the surrounding atmosphere around people like they can make the windy atmosphere, change a dry day into a rainy day infect they can control all. In the world of simulation games, world box mod APK has a big community of players and fans as well. And it’s all players can interact with each other and get help from other players to work on a single project of world-making. If we talk about its levels, we can say this game is free of level completion it’s an open-ended sand game with different settings and gives an option to its players to choose the style of their world. This game does not have a strict mode system, but it has God mode that allows players to create different terrain

Worldbox mod APK free download

As we know these types of games are too much tricky and time-consuming. in these games, players need to spend a lot of time to get rewards and money. But with the Worldbox mod APK’s new version players can get a lot in minimum time. And one more thing you have no need to spend a single penny to unlock any feature. Its download is also free, so if you are a simulation game lover you just download it and start to earn a lot.

Personal experience with Worldbox mod APK

As we know Worldbox mod APK is the modified version of the Worldbox game. I must share my own experience with all of you. As I download this game I find this game unique. In this game, you have two options to rule the entire world. Or we can say one option we have of blank world creation and the other one is to create the world for the preexisting creature. And manage limited resources to make a favorable atmosphere in the surrounding. So after having a lot of fun and adventure, I must recommend this game to all simulation lovers.

Worldbox mod APK comparison with World box apk

DetailsCreation of a virtual worldWorldbox mod apk
Size124+ MB124 MB
ModesGod mode, single playerGod mode with all unlock
DevelopersMaxim KarpenkoMaxim Karpenko
FeatureCreation of virtual worldCreation of world, civilization
Compatible forAndroid, iOS, computerAndroid and for all
Worldbox mod apk
Worldbox mod apk

Worldbox mod APK unlocks all traits of features

In this game we get all features or traits unlocked. So in a short time, we can unlock a lot and grab fun. All unlock features and traits are listed here. World Creation: Create unique environments with tools. Civilization Management: Manage jobs and resources of civilizations. God Powers: Control the world and its inhabitants. Creature Creation: Create creatures with unique abilities. World Interaction: Trade and engage in combat. Modding Support: Customize and add new features. Multiplayer Support: Play with friends online. Dynamic World: Creatures and civilizations interact. Different Game Modes: Sandbox, survival, and campaign modes. AI Behavior: Advanced and realistic AI behavior. Random World Generation: Generate random worlds with unique features. Technology and Research: Guide civilizations through technological progress. Magic System: Cast spells to influence the world. Day/Night Cycle: Affects creature and civilization behavior. Customizable World Parameters: Customize world parameters for unique challenges. Replayability: Experiment with different creations and modes. Achievements and Challenges: Strive for goals and rewards. Updates and Community: Regular updates and active community. Freedom and Creativity: Encourages experimentation and expression. Educational Value: Fun and interactive way to learn.

Pros and cons of Worldbox mod apk


  • Sandbox Gameplay: No set goals, complete control.
  • Customization: Various terrains, creatures, and elements.
  • Interactive Creatures: Creatures can be interacted with and manipulated.
  • Modding Support: Robust modding community and custom content.
  • Regular Updates: Frequent updates and patches for bug fixes and new content.
  • Easy to Learn: Simple controls and mechanics.
  • Relaxing and Creative: Provides a relaxing and creative experience.


  • Lack of Direction: Confusing or frustrating gameplay.
  • Limited Interaction: Creatures have limited interactivity.

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If you’re looking for games similar to Worldbox, here are some recommendations. In the USA, consider RimWorld, Terraria, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve, Factorio, Kerbal Space Program, and Civilization V. In the UK, check out Godus, The Sims 4, Civilization VI, Populous: The Beginning, Cities: Skylines, Theme Park World, Dungeon Keeper 2, and Fable II. In other countries, you might enjoy Banished, Dwarf Fortress, Europa Universalis IV, Planet Coaster, The Universim, Garry’s Mod, No Man’s Sky, and Spore. Other recommendations include SimCity 4, Tropico 6, Oxygen Not Included, and Total War: Rome II, and Crusader Kings II. These all above games are like Worldbox mod APK. You can download the Mobile bus simulator mod APKBeach buggy racing 2 mod APKIndian train simulator mod APK, and railway tycoon mod APK from APKWit.

How to install Worldbox mod APK?

Follow these steps to Download and install.

  1. Firstly get the download link/button on this web page.
  2. Check your device settings and permit” unknown resources”
  3. After allowing unknown resources hit the button of download on this page, and Downloading starts.
  4. Now it’s time to check the downloads folder you will get the Worldbox mod APK here.
  5. Now start the installation.
  6. After installation, you will get this game on your device.

Now open the application and have a lot of fun free of cost


Is World Box mod APK safe to download?

Yes, world box mod APK is safe to download.

How much space is needed on mobile to download the Worldbox mod APK?

124 MB is needed to download the Worldbox latest version.

Is Worldbox mod APK free to download from ApkWit?

Yes, it’s totally free of cost to download from ApkWit.

Final words for Worldbox mod apk

Finally, we can say that the Worldbox mod APK is a game where players can create their own world and control everything that happens in it, including the weather, land, mountains, lakes, and forests. The game offers God mode, which allows players to create different terrains, and there is no level completion, making it an open-ended sandbox game. Worldbox mod APK offers all features unlocked, allowing players to get rewards and money in minimum time. The game has several features, including world creation, civilization management, god powers, creature creation, world interaction,  mod support, multiplayer support, a dynamic world, and different game modes. The game has a robust mod community and regular updates. So if you are a lover of simulation games and want something new, just download this game. And grab a lot of fun.

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