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Truecaller Premium APK is the mod and well-optimized version of the well-known application Truecaller. So if you are getting frustrated by spam and fraud calls and sms, now be calm we are going to introduce an amazing app, and with this app, you will get feel free from all spammers and fraudster calls and sms. As we know Truecaller APKis well a reputable app nowadays, and this application is famous for call recording, caller identification, spam messages blocking, and chat and video calls as well.

This application is compatible with Android users and users just need to provide their cellular mobile number for its activation. It was discovered by a private software company Scandinavia AB in Sweden. But it’s mostly workers are from India. But its mod version Truecaller premium APK has many extraordinary features as compared to Truecaller APK. The fact we can say that Truecaller premium gold mod APK is the world’s best and high-quality spam call blocker application, and Truecaller mod APK is giving its premium services free of cost. So we can get rid of the Truecaller download.

Truecaller premium apk interface
Truecaller Premium APK interface
Truecaller premium apk guardians
Truecaller Premium APK guardians

Truecaller Premium APK mod feature

Truecaller Premium APK’s best and well working features are given bellow

Call Blocking

 Truecaller Premium APK One of the best features is call blocking, with the help of Truecaller Premium APK now you can block all unwanted and spam calls. As we know it’s irritating sometimes to get the wrong calls from some people. And we just want to get rid of these calls. Truecaller Premium APK is the solution to this problem.

Number Lookup

This feature is also amazing, sometimes we don’t want to attend the call of some persons or companies with Truecaller premium APK. Now you can get user identity and block them

Caller ID

As we know in our daily life spam calls or unknown calls are making us frustrated. But Truecaller premium APK is introducing a mind-catching feature to clarify user or call identity. It means if someone is calling you and the number is not saved on your device, still, Truecaller premium APK gives you the caller’s complete information

DND Mode

This is an amazing feature of Truecaller Premium. This feature is workable for those who are on our whitelist. With the help of this feature now you can make the call silent while you are sleeping and busy somewhere else.

Dark mode

Truecaller premium gold mod APK is giving the best feature of dark mode, with this feature you can increase or decrease the brightness of your device. At night this feature is very helpful to use the application without any pressure exerts on the eyes due to high brightness.

Some additional features Truecaller premium apk

  • Reporting: Reports spam calls
  • Customization: Customize blocking settings
  • Integration with Phone App: Integrates with phone interface
  • Machine Learning: Uses machine learning algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Uses AI technology
  • Cloud-Based Database: Cloud-based number database
  • Real-Time Updates: Provides real-time spam updates
  • Privacy Protection: Protects user privacy
  • Advanced Settings: Offers advanced customization options
  • SMS Blocking: Blocks unwanted text messages
  • Customer Support: Provides customer assistance
truecaller apk clean up
Truecaller APK clean up

Market other apps as alternatives to Truecaller premium apk

There are many well-known apps as an alternative to Truecaller premium APK given below.

Spam calls are a common issue across the globe, but there are several apps available that can help prevent unwanted calls. Truecaller is a popular app that ranks high on the list of spam call blocker apps in India, the USA, Pakistan, and Turkey, thanks to its extensive database of spam numbers. Other apps like Call Blocker, Mr. Number, and Call Control – Call Blocker are also effective in blocking spam calls in these regions.

In the USA, Hiya, RoboKiller, and Nomorobo are some of the most widely used apps for blocking spam calls, along with YouMail and TrapCall. Meanwhile, in China, Call Master, Call Blocker, and Hiya are among the most popular apps for blocking spam calls. These apps provide different features, such as blocking calls based on caller ID or keyword, and can help users avoid scammers and spammers. Overall, with the help of these apps, users can enjoy a more peaceful device experience, free from unwanted spam calls. you can download Instagram Pro, BombitupInstagram ProInstagram Aero, and Instander from APKWit.

Truecaller premium apk activation
Truecaller Premium APK activation

Advantages of Truecaller premium apk

There are many appreciable advantages of Truecaller premium APK given below.


Users can choose to be excluded with opt-out.

Caller ID availability

 Only Truecaller premium APK users can see the ID of any caller.

Contact information protection

 No sharing or selling of contact information at the platform of Truecaller premium APK.

Call and SMS blocking

 Block unwanted calls and messages is the most important advantage of this application

User consent

Users must grant permission for access in Truecaller premium APK.

Two-factor authentication

 An extra layer of account protection methods is offered by this mod application.

Backup and restore contacts

Here is another amazing advantage to storing contacts in the cloud and transferring them.

Call recording

There is an option to record phone calls for future reference.

Spam protection

The super advantage of this app is filters out spam calls and messages.

Emergency contacts

Identifying emergency contacts is a working feature for quick access.


Here is an option that counted plus points to send and receive messages within the app.

Number lookup

 It’s too much easy to identify unknown numbers with the help of Truecaller premium apk

Number blocking

As with other applications, it’s offering to Block unwanted numbers and spam calls.

Smart messaging

Organizing messages based on sender identity means all contacts are organized.

Call history

View missed, incoming, and outgoing calls are accessible to the receiver.

Call flash

LED light flashes alert is also available for incoming calls.

Business Features

Professional call recording and analytics are also amazing advantages for businesses.

Community-based platform

Crowd-sourced spam reporting and verification are also the main advantages that is making this app reliable to its users.

Disadvantages of Truecaller premium apk

Mostly we have the advantage of Truecaller premium APK. One disadvantage is given below.

Limited functionality without internet

 Truecaller Premium APK requires a stable internet connection to work properly.

Truecaller premium agreement
Truecaller premium agreement

How to download Truecaller premium APK?

Follow these steps

  1. First of all, find the download link/button on our site
  2. Go to your device setting and allow” unknown resources”
  3. Now check in your device downloads folder you will get the true caller premium APK here
  4. Now just click on it to start the installation
  5. It is installed on your device
  6. Now open it and have a lot of fun without any charges


Is Truecaller premium APK free?

Yes, Truecaller APK is free of cost.

Different versions of Truecaller premium apk

Final words about Truecaller premium apk

In short, we can say Truecaller premium APK is a trustworthy name in the digital world of applications. You just need to download this amazing app that will give you more features, Truecaller is a helpful app that can translate foreign messages for you. If you upgrade to Truecaller Premium, you’ll get some extra features like no ads, the ability to see who’s viewed your profile, and advanced blocking and filtering options. You can also use features like “Ghost Call” to get fake incoming calls from anyone you want, and “Call Announce” to know who’s calling without looking at your phone. You can use “Incognito Mode” to view profiles privately, get a fancy “Premium” badge on your profile, and makeup to 30 contact requests per month. Truecaller Premium APK won’t share your phonebook with anyone, so your information stays private. Finally, we can say this is a secure and safe platform with high-quality features.

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